Journey to the word Passion

Passion is a word that leads to great thought.

As I looked around at what I was doing and began to really look at the lives of people around me I was quite surprised to see that so many people do not expect to ever experience true passion in their lives. I could not imagine thinking that I would not have the experience of true passion in my life just for me.

Yet the more I looked around the more I saw that people do not even think about having anything in their lives that comes even close to wanting passion. I started asking people if they had passion. So many said that they just lived day-to-day. If they could make it to the end of the week to have a couple of days off  that was reaching a real goal.

How do we come to a place in our lives where we just hope to come to the week-end? What happens to us and when does it start? Are we really so far from a place where there can be passion in our daily lives? Is it because we are working so many hours that we do not have time for contemplation? Do we take time to get in touch with our internal system?

For this is where I have found true peace is to be found. Once we get in touch with our internal self we can begin the road to find the true passion of life within ourselves. Why am I even talking about this very subject. Well, I have found this is where I have begun to glimpse what passion can add to my life.

I was really shocked to hear so many people really feel this way. It did not matter what their financial status was, or even their profession. So many people are just trying to get to the end of the week. They look forward to the day they can just have it all stop. It made me very sad, for all of us to be in this kind of rut.

What happened to waking up in the morning and wondering what wonderful thing was going to happen to us today?!

One thought on “Journey to the word Passion

  1. I was once one of those people looking forward to the weekend. It has been a slow walk for me but I am finding more joy in living and starting to discover this passion you speak of. I’m not there yet but am enjoying this journey of internal self discovery.

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