It’s time to answer the tough questions

ToughQuestionsAnswerIn my last blog post, Why should you be satisfied with only sometimes being happy?,  I was talking about having this piece inside of me that made me push myself to find the truth that was going to make me feel good about living the life I was living. It was not that by looking at me, you would think I had a bad life. Yet, even in that, I was raising children was married and working out of the home sometimes.

I have had times when I was home raising my children and times that I was out in the work force and away from the home on a daily basis. I know how it is to be so busy with the art of living and raising a family that there is not much time to contemplate, journal, and find yourself as the god being you are. That is an excuse… plain and simple. You are not filling your needs. You are depleting your energy and you are not having the very energy that will help you find your internal answers .

The hardest thing for a person that is caring for others to do, is to pull away from that concept and fill it with the concept that you must always fill your own needs first.

So many people I talk with tell me that taking care of the people in their lives, doing what those people desire to do, makes you feel happy. Okay… so why are you really feeling the way you are?

The bare truth is we are lying to ourselves and when someone comes along and tells us that, we scoff at them and defend our right to feel miserable all the time. Yet we are asking why we are feeling so miserable. Will you please listen to your heart, your body, your thoughts?

If you are feeling any depth of sadness of any kind you are not standing in the truth for you!

It is that simple. You have to come to a place where you stop telling yourself it is okay to take second best at anything. Until you get there you will not be able to hear that your lying is the only thing getting in the way of your internal system that is showing you how to get out of the ‘ick’ of your own creations; The of playing in a life that was not yours to play in.

In the beginning it sounds very cold and heartless… because all the reasons the world gives us to stay in a life that does not fulfill your soul is a world that is attempting to take charge of your thoughts, mind, and soul. Once that world has that, you will not have the time or energy to stop that world. You will concede and give up. You will start a mindless kind of existence. You will begin to tell yourself the lie that it’s okay because at least a part of your life is making you happy. You have and will continue to convince yourself that it is okay if only that part brings you happiness. I can live with it not all filling my soul.

Why are you not stamping your foot and shaking your fist at the Universe that God that is suppose to be taking care of your soul? WHY ARE YOU Giving up on YOU?!!!!!!!!

Why are you not demanding to hear, to find, to Live, the TRUTH????????




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