It’s not the people in your life that are the issue

Picture15I have been asked the question many times, How do I come up with questions that are going to have me begin to understand how all this works? As a matter of fact, this weeks class homework is to come back into class next Wednesday evening having 10 questions of a generic nature that they can use to start breaking down any and all of their physical life experiences.

The one thing that I really spend a lot of time on is the fact that you must look at the issues that are bothering you, and instead of looking at the people and their personalities in your story as the issue, look at how those personalities and the action steps made you feel.

Did you have what out in the world is determined as a negative experience or did it have a positive effect on your life? I see both sides as accelerating having us decide what we desire to be expressed in our life. I really have come to a place where the negative expression is the one I go after.

It is because it is there that I find the pieces about my choice where I either hesitated in making a choice just for me, or a part of me from the past came sneaking up and infiltrated into the new me. Which of course I want to see and then ask myself the questions that will have me have the light bulb moment of understanding that allows me to let it go forever .

So I can give you questions but you see if it does not come from your filter system then the questions will not be able to unlock your doors… the ones that you closed after you had a experience that made you feel some way or another that you did not like.

That is why I take so much time with each and everyone of you to create not only your own dictionary of symbols in order to break down your dreams, but to see your world in them and then be able to see that the questions you use to break down any and all experiences you have, have to be of your mathematical vibration.

Otherwise you will never feel that you can do this for yourself by yourself. The one thing that each of us must always know in our hearts is that we have our very own connection to the Universal truths. That at any given time you, yourself, have the ability to break down and then correct any and all emotions that you have about any experience. This is when the power of true choice is yours. That the care of your heart is yours and always has been.



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