It will always be your choice

your own choiceI feel it is time to look at how not to make things matter. That gets in the way for the vibration that needs to matter to have your creations come to you as you desire.

I am very excited to share that if you would look at your life and just stop the ‘matter’, the ‘weight’, in all the stories that you continue to tell that holds you to your past, then instead begin to once again, in a conscious manner, put the matter, or weight, in the very aspects that will have you thrive and grow, then you will begin to have the very things in your life that you feared would never be a part of you.

When I talk about ‘matter’, I am sharing that you are the one, the only one, that puts the vibration of sadness, of loss, of loneliness, etc. on things and you do this when you continue to say to yourself and others your life story as though you are still in the very center of that story. You are simply putting the matter the life force in the heaviness of your story. You are not putting the vibration into the change of your life as it really is today.

Are you aware that so much of the time you are having the very experience you are asking for, yet because all you can talk about is your past story you are not only being disrespectful to those beings that are interacting with you right now but you do not even see you have the very things you are craving?

It is truly because you are putting so much time into thinking and telling the old story that even though you have not been currently living that story, you are experiencing it over and over again. That is putting ‘matter’ into a story vs the real life expression that you are having. You must begin to ask yourself why, when there is nothing in your life, past, present, or future, that you are not making conscious choices about. So when you put the matter into your stories of the past, are you questioning and evaluating whether or not you would have made different choices if you would have listened to your heart? That is where you should be putting the matter. It is by putting the focus, the weight, on the fact that you made a choice that changed your life for the best or the worst experience of your life.

Are you willing to really put all of your attention and matter on those choices and recognize how, by doing so, and by keeping your accountability on the fact that it was and has always been you in charge of the choice, you can change your life?

Be aware it has been you and only you that makes your life story a lesson of learning to be in charge of your life. Otherwise you will continue to make ‘matter’ over things you think are happening to you, giving you no chance to change. It is your choice and will always be your choice……..





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