It is time to stop and listen to each and every word you are using

words-oliverwendellholmessrWhat questions should you ask yourself when you realize that you were sharing in the truth and then that darn little boy/girl starts talking for you? How often do you see that a normal quiet conversation with a person or persons that you care for ends up dissolving into a mess that you now have to clean up?

The best thing you can do when you recognize that even though you were sharing your insights and yet the others can not hear your words, no matter how they are listening to you, it is time for you to pull up your bootstraps and stop talking. Take charge of your emotions and your thoughts. Yes it is up to you and only you to go and look at why you are feeling unheard.
The reason you are not expressing yourself in a way you desire to be heard is because you have some of your fears slipping in and talking in and among the words of wisdom that you are trying to share. So take that deep breath. Explain that you must go and re-group. Leave the room to go to the bathroom or walk the dog. Do something so that you can get alone with your thoughts and ask yourself the questions that you feel the other person should be feeling.
Once again and I will repeat it over and over, this is all about you, not the other person. If you feel the need to have them hear you and understand you it is because you are feeling a loss of something taken from you… Hear these words please. You may not see it yet but you feel something is going to be taken away from you by the actions of the other person.
This is the place where you now have to look at the choices you get to make. Do not run from the choices that you heart is putting on the table for you to look at. I mean that you so often tell yourself that you can not do this or that because …..
and the “because” can be any reason that you are telling yourself is more important than you, yourself. Listen and feel these words. You tell yourself you can not do what your heart is telling you because you are putting someone else’s soul above your own.
Wow, have you ever looked at your daily choices in that manner? Yet, this is the very thing that you must remind yourself with each and every choice that you make. Yes each and every choice. You must begin to understand that the smallest of choices, even whether to stop for coffee or not in the morning, represents to the Universe if you truly desire change for self or if it is just lip service. Lip service can be positive affirmations that you repeat over and over without understanding the internal workings of your thoughts.
Listen to the words that you are sharing with others, the words that you choose to use, those words give you the clues of where your thoughts, your beliefs, your opinions are sitting and how those are the betrayers of the heart needs and desires that you have, so I hope now you can see why you need to take the time to hear them. If others can not hear you, then Dear one, you are only telling yourself it is time to stop and listen to each and every word you are using, your truth, your clues about changing your life are simply quietly found in your words…





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