It begins with a state of mind

How do we take charge of our lives and see the mind chatter for what it is?

For me it was when my life seemed to be falling apart and yet, I could see that there should be no reason for it. When my internal peace did not match what I was seeing with my physical eyes.

As I began to read and study about the metaphysical world I could see that you could have and should have beauty and peace in your every day world. I was seeing that it began with my state of mind. I repeat, it begins with a state of mind!

That is how we begin to digest, and feel. It is also where we get lost into the emotion of things and never get past that part in our lives. I have found that there is a sequence, a mathematical equation that is followed to have harmony and peace. Yet, we never follow the sequence through to the end to see if we like what we have started. We were never taught that there has to be a conclusion of our lesson. Without that we do not know where to make the next choice. Now I am sure you are asking what does this have to do with mind chatter?

Well, this is where mind chatter begins. We have not followed through to the end of any lesson. We got anxious before the cake was done so to speak. What does a cake look like if we pull it out of the over before it is done and try putting it on the cake plate? A gooey mess, partly baked and partly not.

It’s the same when we start taking score too soon. When we’ve made a choice and hit a challenge we start telling ourselves how dumb we are, or what a failure we are, etc. simply because we have not learned how to walk ourselves all the way through a whole sequence to see our lesson through to its completion.

Again, we did not have guardians to walk us through the emotions we had when we were children and had something uncomfortable happen in our physical experiences. We had parents teaching us what they did, instead of encouraging us to look at what our feelings were telling us to do. These are all things that contribute to mind chatter. We do not realize how the energy of mind chatter is an energy that is underlying all of our choices, our emotions, and the stories that we tell ourselves and others.

Because we do not understand mind chatter it can rue havoc in our lives without us even knowing how to take charge.

Agree with me? Why not? Let me know, you are welcome to challenge me.

have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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