Is Your Laziness Costing You Joy?

When you wake up in the morning and you have not slept well due to all the stress and issues in your life it is time to make a change. The kind of change that will affect the rest of your life. This is when you would seem to come to the decision to make a life change. Or would you decide to let life simply be?

Now, why would you want to let your life roll away from you as the joy and happiness goes down the drain? This is the answer I have for you – You are lazy.

Some feel that it is far easier to not make waves. Not stand up for the truth. Well, how are you sleeping?! How is the stress level in your life? How do you really feel about your day to day interactions?

If your emotions are at any level at all, please understand this is what happens when you do not make waves.

Now I am sure you have heard the expression,”don’t stress the little things!”  Well, now they are big things. So, a life change is in order or those (now) big things will simply get bigger. Which could lead you to getting sick and even to the point of leaving this wonderful planet.

Then how do you  deal with the little things, because I am sure you have been told again and again you are being nit picky …so take some time and ask yourself why would someone tell you that? Why, when you desire to talk about the things that are bothering you in a quiet manner, are you challenged in ways that makes you either retreat from the whole issue or try with all you strength to make the other person come to your understanding?

That is the clue! You should never try to get someone else to come over to your side or understanding. The moment you try to get someone else to understand your side of an issue, you leave your side of the issue! When you quietly stand for what bothers you, no one can give an argument about your right to have something bothering you .

We also have to learn that it is not for someone else to change because something is bothering you, yet you must come to a conclusion that makes you happy about the choice that your conclusion brings you to.

Then you can go about dealing with the issue of what is bothering you.

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