Is this world really as we see it?

If we could see this world in a different light would we be willing to live differently? When we are caught in our every day lives, do we believe that we can start over and change every thing about our selves? Well that is the very thing that I have spent the last eighteen years working on with my clients.

First, take stock of what it is that you want to change. The next thing that I work on with my clients is how they have made the choice to feel about their lives. This is where we trip ourselves up. We allow our egos to take charge and infect our every day thoughts and emotions.

This is a part that is so near and dear to our hearts. It is very difficult to let go of what we use as an identity of  ourselves. I am speaking about how we have our history. Such as if my parent would have done this instead of that, I would not be who I am today. If there had not been drinking , or abuse, or absentee parent, or any of the details, that  we as individuals use to tell our story.

Now, I challenge you to look at the first story that you tell and tell the story with you making another and totally different choice in how you look at your personal story. Can you take the villain in your story and make that person a character that you personally chose to play the part that was played? How would you now choose to play your role? Can you change the outcome of how your emotions were used in this story?

As I have stated in previous posts… You can make the change in how you look at your story. That begins to change the emotions that you have about your story. Which allows your feelings of having true choices come to the surface.

Yet this means letting all of your villains off the hook, of being the reasons that you have not gone forward in your life. Once each and every one of us comes to this place in our lives, we can really start taking charge of our feelings. Then we truly begin the process of living a life we are completely in charge of .

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