Is it True Happiness or just a Void?

test_tubesThe greatest struggle that we each have in the beginning of wanting to have happiness and change, is that we want to accomplish this within the scenario we are now playing in. Well, I might as well break that bubble right now. Why? Because in any scientific study or test, the scientists know, if you want a change in your experiment you must put different particles or vibrations into the mix to get a different outcome.

No matter how hard you try you cannot continue putting in the same vibration, the same concepts, ideas, and beliefs, and think you are going to get a different outcome. It will not happen. It is my job to walk side by side with you as you begin to learn the different concepts and Universal Truths that have always been a part of our lives whether we have acknowledged them or not. They still influence your life. So as you begin to see the things that are finite because of the physical world, and the things that you have control over, you can begin to change how you look at this world.

You will begin to unlock those pieces that you thought you had no control over. As you begin to feel the power in making decisions and following them with the choices that support it, you will begin to see how simple it has always been to fill just and only your very own needs. Now that is one aspect that you will become aware of; Like driving a car, you first got into the car and it felt very overwhelming, so many different things you had to become aware of as you drove down the road for the first time.

It is the same with taking charge and supporting your life and only your life in the choices you make. Are they truly supporting your decision or are they in truth allowing you to lull yourself into a false ‘truth’, mistaking respite for true change? Or have you in reality just put yourself in a holding pattern, which allows you to believe you are moving forward when actually you are simply having daily experiences without truly having a life-lasting change in your god life. How will you know? You will begin to see a pattern emerge.

You probably will recognize it quickly once it does emerge because of course, you will eventually see… oh my goodness, nothing has really changed. This is when you will become discouraged and you will want to get upset, not only at finding yourself at square one again but, at me (or whoever your guardian might be). Okay, I am learning not to take this part into my experience because I myself, found myself, right here where you find yourself. I broke the magnetic looping by not going outward to blame but, to instead hold myself accountable to really see the symbols that were being shown to me all along the way while I was standing still. Yes they are there and you are struggling in letting them come to the surface. Why? Because you are lost in the respite instead of using the respite to move forward and having a truly lasting change in your world.

So now you are going to have to start at square one once again. This time you will have to use diligence even when you say to yourself, I am tired, I need rest. The rest comes with the choices that support your decision not in the illusion of happiness. Joy feels way different than happiness, joy fills your entire body with energy, you can continue to go forward with an acceleration because this feels so good you will want to have more and more of it. Joy begets Joy. It grows and fills your body with such energy to simply be, to feel, to experience, to have the need to learn more, to be more, to… to… to… to…

If you are not feeling that movement forward, what you are calling happiness is a void. In a void there is no movement. There is only respite and it to will come to an end as your pattern begins to re-emerge and you find yourself at square one again.





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