Is It Time To Change Your Story?

In my last blog post I was at a point of talking about giving up our beliefs and opinions. I am going to take a few moments and give a little back ground here about what I mean.

A ‘story’ is how we describe our life up to this point in time. It is what we have built our beliefs on and how we began to form our opinions.  This story is what we have written about, why we walked over our own boundaries so many years ago.

If  we learn to put the dedication into this new discovery that we wrote the story, we must realize that at any time we can edit and change the story.

Yes… at any time!

What requires dedication is that you not abandon yourself.  Do not give up at the 50% mark. Dedicate yourself to going the whole way and releasing yourself from struggle and pain.

I have always taught that any relationship can be saved.

Yes, the one we give up on first is the one with ourselves.

Yet we want to say to ourselves and anyone who will listen that it was the other guys fault that we quit.

This is the thing you  must remind yourself. There is no blame in the Universal law. No, there is not.

The Universe does not recognize a person as a sole energy source. It only recognizes the energy. Many people can sit in the same energy. Hence, there are times that large groups of people share in the same experience.

There is no good or bad in the Universal laws. Only energy.

I know that is not what religion as a whole teaches. Yet the truth has lasted since the beginning of time. We must give credence to how long religion has been around, to see how it is a barrier that we have to look at.

How does it run through all of our stories?

I found that even though I felt the truth of how the Universe works, I was still being held captive to the ‘shalt nots’ of this world.

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