Integrity vs Self Honor

true-selfAs you continue to walk forward you are going to find yourself, time and time again, having to choose from what you consider your integrity, and what I call your internal self honor. This is going to be the hardest shackle for you to unfasten from the choices for your heart only.

I am finding that those that are really learning to put the discipline into changing their understandings and beliefs, hold themselves to an integrity that is so binding it almost kills their spiritual growth.

You have an internal honor of self that tells you to follow your heart, to make changes just for yourself, yet you are extremely swayed by the external integrity that you picked up before you started to take the real Universal truth of self accountability and responsibility. It is the very thing that binds you to people who, with no scruples, use your very integrity against you. Thereby you have the greatest dilemma… How do you support only your internal honor of self yet stand in integrity of the physical world?

The simple and true answer is you cannot! That is correct, they are not one and the same. So they will only create chaos and cause you to doubt your internal self when you try to use the external form called ‘integrity’ as your compass. It is very misleading, that word ‘integrity’; it is done on purpose as so many concepts have just enough truth in them to keep you off the internal truth. Once again, you must use your discipline here and always follow your heart.

How is that done you ask? My answer to you will seem very simplistic, and it is… when you are just beginning to follow your heart and you do not have a lot of trust built up in yourself, why? Because up until now you have made choices because of others quietly bullying you into what you have always known was contrary to your own happiness.

They typically do this by using words against you that you hold dearly in your physical integrity. Yes, how does that make you feel? Well, what you are really experiencing is emotions. Smiling, yes I have been right there too, and I have had to use all my strength and understanding in the internal Universal Truth to walk past my own integrity and learn to see that my Self Honor is far more important. Why? Because I have to live with my thoughts and emotions at one o’clock in the morning when there is nobody else around.

This is when you have to feel uplifted by the choices that you are making. This is where your weakest link will raise it’s ugly head. This is the time and place where you will give up on life all together. So, this is the place you want to put your strength and that is to learn there is a huge gap between integrity and your very personal Self Honor. It is what will support you as you begin to talk in love from your heart, as you start to separate yourself from those in your life that are no longer a vibrational match.

As you make choices just for the internal part of your Self, I can not say this will be easy. You are used to being talked out of making choices that support your heart. You will have those people that will quietly, and with what you might feel with wisdom, try and talk you back into the place you have just begun to walk away from. Why would anyone do that to you? The answer, my sweet one, is they are looking out for their interests not yours.

That is not a bad thing, are you not trying to look out for your best interest? Yes, you are, the only issue is that the person or persons that are trying to get you to stay as you were are no longer the vibrational match that will have you leap and grow in Universal Truth and love.

Once you really begin to understand this concept of Self Honor you will be able to stand for you and only you, with the deepest love and understanding. That will have you allow yourself to not ever be swayed by any interaction with anyone that does not support your internal heart, you wonderful internal Honor of Self…..






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