Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

What was and/or is the reason that we decided to accept instant gratification? I have been pondering this idea. This is hard for me to imagine why we would want instant gratification. Maybe that is because with all the time I have taken to contemplate what my choices and action steps are going to mean to me, I have learned the art of appreciation for the final outcome of any creation that I have happen in my life.

To take each step in a sequence is necessary to have a conclusion run its course. To feel within self, is this what I was truly asking for? How does it feel now that I am living in the experience of a feeling I had sent out a week or a day ago?

I do not see that possibility happening when we want to have something in our lives right now. The art of appreciation has been lost. We hear on t.v. or the radio or when we read the news paper or online… “Have this now.. we can ship it to you overnight… for an extra cost….”

Are we listening? What is the cost by having instant gratification? Do we know what the toll is on our lives, our bodies , our peace of mind? When we receive that which we are claiming we desire is it what we truly desire? Do we look at it and say , “Wow, this is exactly 100 percent what I was thinking I wanted.” or do we look at it and go, “Oh no that is not what I thought it was going to be.”

Do we set it aside never to look at it again? Do we return the item? Or do we put it in a closet because heck, we paid dearly for it, we just can not throw it away.

Is this not what we do with thoughts and ideas, do we look at them? Or , do we just change them, without taking the time to address why we sent out for something and what came back to us was un-recognizable.

If you are not in joy with any outcome in your life you must look at the fact that it was your energy that had to go out from you first… again did you take the time?

Do you agree with me? Challenge me I would love to hear from you …

Have a most wonderful day and into the evening tide.

2 thoughts on “Instant gratification is not the art of appreciation…

  1. I am one of those people that often accepts instant gratification over long-term happiness and it is something that I have been working to change. For me the issue has always been how much easier it is to enjoy something ‘now’ rather than waiting for long-term joy later. I am a procrastinator, I put things off, and I take the easy route. It is a hard habit to change, but it needs to be done. Being happy in the moment always leads to disappointment down the road. I rarely take the time required to think things through before I act on them, so thank you for this post and the reminder that what we want and what we need are two very different things…

    • I am glad that my blog could help you . I can attest that to have joy every day is far greater than just for a brief moment that seems to always looking else where for more … Thanks for the comments

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