Instant Gratification and Internal Dialog – they do NOT co-exist.

This world seems to be in a state of instant gratification. This in itself is one of the major reasons so many people have lost the art of communication with themselves and with others.

It is a reason so many people feel an entitlement that is no more their right than dirt is on our planet.  The world seems too addicted to the feelings we get with our attachments. So much so that we do not feel anything from an internal source… only external.

This of course then does not allow us to build an internal dialog, so if anything upsets our physical life we do not have the internal strength built up to withstand those waves of emotions and feelings that come at us at times of strife or chaos. We then come crashing down and cannot cope with anything. It takes a very long time and our lives could be in total ruins by the time we come back to any conscious knowing .

Now, maybe you have gotten so used to an unhappy state of mind that you are not realizing that it is because you do not have internal strength.

How many people do you know who say, “it is lucky I am strong within”?

I say to you and them, but are you really strong? Strength does not mean going through life unhappy and angry at those around you because they are not doing things to make you happy. That is not strong in any sense of the word my friends.

Can these people take time and contemplate?

Can they tell you what actions they took to place them in the circumstances they find themselves?

Or are they in a state of “if only”?

My guess is that most of the population supports the ‘if only’ state of mind. Very few people really truly sit in self accountability and responsibility. Where do you stand?

I know when I first was learning to accept the concepts, I did well as long as I had no contrast in my life to show me otherwise. I caught myself so many times wanting it to be someone else’s fault. ‘If only they did, or would be, or just understand me because…’

It took a lot of deep communication within myself to learn to accept and see proof that all things came down to the very basic simple fact that what feelings or emotions I sent out came back to me. Yes and with even more energy than when I sent them out… BANG!…. hit me like a super ball right in the face.

Agree with me? waiting to hear from you…

have a great day and into the evening tide.

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