Influences of the Inner Child

inner childWhen you are learning to stand in the truth for yourself, what is the best way to stand in the truth with someone’s story that is only in their truth and not Universal Truth?

In my working with others my greatest lesson is how to stand in the truth, the Universal Truth, with someone who is asking for help to make changes in their lives yet each time they present themselves with an opportunity for change and a new life they never take the opportunity. Then you hear them say over and over again, “I want change!”.

The first thing I do when I am alone is look at all the places I may still be missing my opportunities. One of the first lessons of this wonderful walk is that all things have been brought to us because somewhere in us we are asking for the understanding, to fill the need to live in our birthright of Joy. So if in that day I am not having the most glorious expression of joy I then have to look at where a fear was coming forward in my thoughts and emotions. It is there that I always find how my inner little girl is trying to bring forth a protective measure from when I did not make choices correctly for me when I was a small child.

Do you find it challenging to believe that as a small child you were making choices that continue to impact your life today? Well, I will be glad to walk you through where as a child you were making choices to take on beliefs that led to the choices that  you are living with this very day, this very moment .

You will be so very surprised at how often that small child’s reactions are getting in the way of your adult self. Ask yourself the question: Have you ever wondered why you may have said something or done something when you didn’t even really feel that way about the issue?

If you say no then I know that you are not taking the time to contemplate the actions and responses of other people you are interacting with. Most likely then you are in a space where you have had a really hard life and you simply do not know why the world is treating you the way it is.

If that is the case you do have a little more of a walk to take so that you can begin to understand that you are accountable for each and every word, deed , and thought that comes to you.





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