I think there may be a secret. What would it be.

We hear all of these things that can change us overnight. Yet it seems that you never see a lot of the success stories walking around and cheering their instant change. So… ┬áis there a fast and true way to find success in one’s life? One where you really are happy, that sustains you in an enriching sort of way?

Well, I know that if you are in a constant state of asking yourself questions, and getting answers that you feel in your heart are a true answer, you are on your way to that secret. We do know when we are just telling ourselves answers we just want to hear so we do not have to make changes in our lives.

Why are we afraid of changes? We are insisting we do not like the way our lives are going. Or do we just want everyone to change around us so we do not have to…?

Think about this please. There is this wonderful feeling that fills us when we change ourselves… when we begin to be just our true selves. Why would we not want that?

These are questions we must ask ourselves. Every day, yes everyday, we must make the choice to continue to take the steps to make the changes in our lives.

This is not just a once and I am done kind of lesson. This has to be a constant vigil on our part. We need to be always looking for the truth from our God within. This finding of the voice of god within is what sets us free, from any entanglement on this earth. We can be the success we desire.

We can accomplish any and all things that we desire and need. There is not anything our God voice will not help us with. No Taboo’s that would tell us no. Once we begin to understand that our sojourn here is all about walking with our God and not against it, we discover it is the gift from above that we have been looking for.

It is possible for each and every one of us to have, to hold, to experience… and not just once in awhile. Every day and all day. This is the gift we give to ourselves when we find the secret within . It has always been there … Yes it has.

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