I found the mind chatter

So, I found that to have chatter going on in my mind was always getting in the way. I could not keep my quiet thoughts, the ones that brought me peace, to stay… to comfort me. So I was always feeling scared, full of unrest, worrying about things that I could not change. It made me irritable and crabby and of course I could not take the blame, so as most, I would be mad and unhappy with the wrong people .

How could I find peace and tranquility within my world when I was looking outside my inner world for an answer?

Quiet. I need quiet in my mind.

I began to see that there were many voices telling me what I should and should not do. Not one of them belonged to me.

My internal voice was so soft from lack of use that to even say a couple of words was so taxing. Yet, did I listen to myself? Did I have the strength to build the muscle that would allow my voice and only my voice to be heard?

I tell you it would seem that would be a simple task. No… it was one of the hardest things I have done; To build the discipline, to hear and use only my internal voice.

I had to learn how to read my heart just for me.

We are so taught how not to do for self  that it felt like a huge sin, yes I mean sin, to listen to my soft, quiet voice.

Yet once I heard my voice and I followed my own feelings it was like the most wonderful drug. Nothing felt so wonderful in my whole life. Because this voice knew me, knew my inner feelings, knew all about me and what I needed to make me happy. I did not have to choose someone else first to get what I needed.

It takes discipline. It takes a lot of time invested into self. You must really need the change and acknowledge that need deep in your heart. Yes, because all your thoughts are going to have to take a radical change .

Do you agree with me? Why? If you do not agree with me… Why? let me have your feedback… because of course that is so cool.

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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