I am making my Life “what it is”

So, I was speaking about The Universal Law of Cause and Effect. I would like to put something in right here. We are getting feelings and thoughts mixed up.

We are trying to think ourselves into a feeling and we are getting back a whole lot of heartache.

If you have had success with having things come to you and then it is as if everything is drying up all around you, it is most likely you were sitting in a very strong feeling. And did not know what that feeling really was to maintain the desire to continue to flow. So you tried to tell your self what you were feeling.

It is very easy to convince ourselves that what we are thinking is a true feeling. Well, that is the crux of this whole thing… I can not be making this my life. I would not create this.

I have heard this over and over from students and clients alike. I cannot be making this my Life. This is not what I would do to a stranger. Why? Why would I do this to my self?

Well, to begin with, you are experiencing an accumulative amount of energy today.

When you were young, you had a life lesson that you had come in to learn. Because, like most of us, you had Parents instead of Guardians, you started to walk away from your internal boundaries. That is where you started having feelings that you did not want to look at. So, like most of the population, you started stuffing your feelings. Well, time and again those feelings would leak out. Most times when we least wanted them too.

Then there is so much clean up. With the apologies. The punishments that always seem to follow us even as we become adults. It takes so much of our time just fixing things. Yet we are still not working on those true feelings so all those emotions leaving us thinking this is not fair. How come the other guy always seems to get the break? Well, walk in their shoes, they are not seeing they are getting the break either.

I have spent many hours talking with the other guys, and they do not even see that they are the other guy. Telling, is it not!?!


all those years since being a child x all those frustrating emotions that we stuff = All the individual life experiences that are happening to you and all the rest of the population.

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