How you stand in your spirit within this physical expression

shinebright1In class last night we spoke about how we walk and talk in spirit and forfeit are inner self when we look like we are making decisions that may not be popular with those around us, yet we know that it is the very best for everyone that is involved. How often do you find yourself knowing that something is totally right for you yet you do not follow through with it because of how you think others are going to feel about your choice?

Okay now, this is when you must learn to walk in the truth for you, your choice is only about you and for you. Why do I say this? Because who is with you at 2:00 in the morning and your heart is breaking and your eyes are swollen from crying because you just do not know what you are going to do to make your life better? Is it those people who you think are going to think badly of you? Do you ever take the time to look at how silly that is? What makes you believe that they do not have the same kind of thoughts about themselves and their choices?

No I thought not. I can say this because if you really just communicated with some of these people that you think will be judgmental of your choices you might very well find that they as well have holes in the who’s and what’s of their lives. That is why, my Sweet One, you must learn to only make your choices for you, yourself and the deep I of the internal you. You have to live with you and only you. You have to be proud of the choices that you are making at the end of the day.

So what I shared in class is that you must keep evaluating why you have come to your choices. Once you have you will no longer find the need to have a reason to share with others of the why for your choice. It is learning to stand in the not needing to explain to others why you are doing something that gives you the freedom to stand in your spirit and take the physical walk on this planet with peace and love in your heart.

When someone does talk to with you about your life and your choices because you have come to peace with them you will not be challenged in the way that you think. People will simply listen to the why’s that you did something and they will ask you how you did that. Your sharing of how to evaluate your feelings, doubts, and questions you have about the choice you are about to make will have them going, “Really, that is how you get to your peace in your heart?” You will simply say yes…

That is how you stand in your spirit within this physical expression on the glorious planet with all its wonderful things and all its not so wonderful things.





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