How we begin to set ourselves free

As I have already stated we must learn how to be our own guardian. We must learn to question our selves in a way that sets us free and apart from our old beliefs and opinions that are of the physical world.

We must learn the differences about having expectations about any given life scenario. We have to give up on the idea that someone else makes us have feelings good or bad. We have to give up the idea that there is a good or a bad. We have to learn how to be accountable to ourselves without guilt and or obligation to ourselves or others.

Once we put in the discipline and learn how not to go outside and blame any thing, I do mean not anything or anyone, it becomes much easier to have the control that is necessary to change the physical outcomes in our lives.

It works.

I have people who are doing these very things in their lives today. It is easy to start doing: if and only if you are ready to start out fresh. To let go of the idea that there has to be blame somewhere. To let yourself off the hook for having all these emotions about being sad for whatever reason that you are using to justify how you feel about your life.

Sounds simple.

When we each come to that space in our lives when we truly want change, then it only takes staying focused on the outcome that we desire to experience.

So question in truth. Loving oneself no matter what you claim you have done. Look at this entire life as one classroom. You are the star pupil . Yes, you have just misplaced your golden stars.

If the words that you are reading are hitting a chord within your heart, then you are ready to begin this new lesson. If this is just a bunch of nothing to you, I say do not waste anymore of your time.

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