How to learn from a group of life experiences

I have been working extensively on how to look at our life experiences and learn from them. I mean learn how to walk the path of truth without resistance, free of worry and pain. You do not believe that is possible. Hmmm… well I can see that is one of the reasons you have the life experiences you do then. Why? Well…First, we do have to look at our lives without judgment. Oh, yes this is not a blame game. Not if you desire true change in your life.

We have to learn to read our experiences for the truth and to do that we must not blame anyone, including ourselves, for the choices we have made and the ones we are making.

Can you truly love yourself ? As selflessly as what we feel God would do? Really? I do not think so, but that is another post. Anyway, We must look at our life as though we were simply an onlooker with no attachments to the life or its outcome. When we begin to walk as the scientist we can see choices that we made that were not the best. We can see that maybe people who did not agree with us were not being mean or angry.

The more that we go into this scientist with non-judgment and then add total love for the experiment, the more we can begin to see how to look through the eyes of God. For as you begin to do this you will realize that you have had the power and the wisdom to have and hold all that you have desired. That it is and has only been you, standing in your own way.

Look at your experiences in a new way. Look at them as a story that is showing you that maybe you got off your path, the goals you desire in this world.  It is never too late to find yourself again so to speak. For we are in charge of what we learn and we can begin at any moment to take charge. So if you are not happy look at your stories, can you change them? I bet you can… it is very simple.

Just do not write the story of your life in stone. Use your experience to show you. Do you need to re write?  Have a nice day my friends.

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