How to follow the course you set

lonelywalkWhen one walks forward and it feels as though the path you have chosen is lonely, how do you know you are walking for your own good?

Well, that is how.

I know, that sounds silly. Yet think about it. You have created a mathematical equation; in that equation you have mapped out certain experiences so your soul could grow in it’s understandings. You did not map it out for your friends and family. See where this is going?

Naturally it is going to feel like you are all alone. We do not come here to walk with a group. Now that does not mean that you will not have special people in your life. It means that you have to be guided, ideally as a young person, to go by your internal feelings when making your choices.

So yes, you are going to have people of the same energies as you and you will gravitate to those beings. The thing that gets misunderstood is the fact that our choices have a vibrational rate to them. This vibration is collected upon. Like a giant magnet, it is the vibration that pulls us off of our mathematical equation or course that we had mapped out before we were born.

You must look at what feels good. If the choice ( vibration ) feels good that is the indication you are on your mapped equation. If you have even the slightest twinge about what you are doing then you have added a vibration that is counter to what your path was mapped out as.

Now let’s talk about Free Will. You have the birthright as a divine being to make any choice you desire here on this glorious Earth. I shall never tell you any different. Yet, when you make choices ( vibrations) they collect. The more you collect any vibrations ( choices) that are heavier in weight they shall collect as that magnet does. Free Will allows the veil that permits you to believe you are not a Divine Soul. That you could possibly not be a part of the Divine Whole of this Universe.

what-we-areYou are also encouraged by your society to believe you are not a Divine Soul,  part of the Divine Whole. Like sheep who are easily led to wherever the Shepard desires to go, you will be led to believe anything the Shepard teaches. So once again, you will find yourself all alone when it comes to the feeling you feel within your heart. It is meant to be that way. You, yourself, designed your course. Now you just have to learn to follow it. In the very beginning when you first start making changes, you will feel like they are so counter to all your friends and maybe even your families choices. Yet for you to find that internal peace and happiness, that internal joy, you must begin your walk for you and you alone.

Once you are steadily making choices just for you, remember that those choices ( vibrations ) are going to collect. So those Divine Beings that sit in your correct vibration will begin to be felt and seen in your experience.

It is your choice… are you going to wake up and make choices (vibrations) that collect the friends and family that brings you utter sweet joy each and every moment or are you going to make choices (vibrations ) that draw to you and collect those experiences that makes you feel sad and lonely each and every day? By the Universal Law of Free Will the choice is yours and only yours to make.

Have the most glorious day my friends.

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