How to change yourself and your life

How to change yourself and your lifeOnce you begin to see the value of looking at your emotions and learning to use them to eliminate the prejudices that you have about  the choices you are making, then you can truly begin to take charge and start to make choices that have your heart feel ease… not the dis ease that you have learned to cope with.

You do have prejudices about your opinions and your beliefs. That is the simple reason you have them. It is so you will share them and begin to listen to the kinds of words that you are using on a regular basis. It is in hearing how you sound to others that allows you to see what your true feelings are about yourself.

This is the very place where you will deflect or defend what you did or why you made the choice… because of this or that. You, of course, get to defend or deflect. That is, once again, a choice you get to make.

You must understand that when you are asking for change, it is right here where the change will begin… if you stop defending your action or re-action. It is here you need to look deeply into yourself. Find where you knew you were making a choice. In that choice it did not go as you desired so you got mad, but by getting mad you deflected yourself from the understanding of where you should have made a different choice the next time that choice was to be made.

Instead you simply made the same choice with the very same people. Yet you some how figured you would get a different outcome. Why? That is not going to happen. This is where you need to start your soul searching… right here. Why would you expect people to play differently with you than they already are? Are you willing to play differently?

Be honest, no you are not. You want the other person to change. Yet it is your feelings that are being matched by the Universe, it is your life and your experiences. Why are you expecting the other person’s changes to make changes in your life?

It is simply impossible. The Universe matches your feelings in your life as it matches theirs in their life. That is why, when you have truly made changes simply for yourself, there will be those people who will no longer be in your life. That is a very big reason we do not make our choices for ourselves. We say that those people are more important than we are to ourselves….

Spend some time on these ideas and see why you gave up on your feelings so long ago and are still trying to hold someone else responsible for the experiences and feelings you have today.

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