How Shame and Guilt Change the Story

Upset little boyIn class last night the group spoke about the lessons that they were focusing on during the previous week. The main theme was how shame and guilt had prevented them from hearing words of wisdom that would have allowed them to hear truths about their stories much sooner. So I ask you how often, when information comes to you, do you deflect it away because it means you have to look at the choices you made in the past out of anger or fear or guilt?

When you begin to look at the choices that you make out of anger (which always really comes from a base of fear) it is because you felt that you were in critical danger and you needed to stand up for yourself. Take some serious time right now and think about those choices… were you in critical danger?

So often we feel that standing up for ourselves and simply saying no really loudly would be embarrassing so we do nothing. Please take the time to see how many times you did nothing to change what was going on in your world.

You told yourself many stories but unless you took a physical step to have change in your life you only wrote stories about the victim that was inside of you by not making a choice to say something or do something to have a change.

How often then, from those first times, did it get harder and harder to stand up just for yourself? As I was listening to the students I could tell that it is hard for them to bring in the concept that there can always be the other side of the story. It could be very revealing if they look at the story in the way that they had a choice of how they were going to tell the story and as time went on how their story began to change and for the worst as other slights and mishaps were added vibrationally to the story.

The problem with not having a Guardian that you listen to is that you keep adding to the vibration of the story that literally changes the course of the life you planned on living. Yes, did you hear and or read what was just said? How often do you look at your life and say to yourself, “This is not what I feel my life should be like”? Well, this is the very reason you are feeling this way.

You are way off course because of the stories that you have written about how someone or something prevented you your chance, your opportunity. That is the story that you have written because of not looking at why you made those first choices not to stand up for yourself. When I talk about standing up for yourself that does not mean yelling and screaming… it means with your quiet knowing voice saying ‘this is not okay and I will not stand for this kind of treatment any more.’





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