How Guardians Serve

What I have found so interesting, about understanding boundaries and parameters, is that I have all the control to any and every thing that happens to me. It was such a huge secret. Yet so very simple to apply in my life.

I guess the hardest thing is to find out when we first started walking over our boundaries. I have found with my students and clients that it began in the family nucleus. This is not about blaming the concept of Parents. This is about understanding this is generational. That many generations ago, the understanding was lost that Parents are and were suppose to be guardians to the young beings coming to this earth plane.

Does anyone understand what exactly that means? This question seemed to take us on a track that did not support my original idea of boundaries and parameters. Yet this is where we had to go. We had to back up and learn how to become our own Guardian.

We have learned to always go and ask questions of someone outside of ourselves. Those that we held to be wiser than we are ourselves. Have you, yourself, tried to give advice to someone you care for? Have you had an agenda that was not quite in line with what the true question was for the person asking the question?

Well, that is always the hardest thing for any of us. So if you’re answering that question with,  ‘NO!’ then you have not really been standing in the truth of self. Because it has been my findings that people are NOT standing in the role of Guardian.

A Guardian is a person that teaches us how to distinguish our true feelings for ourselves.

They have no other agenda but to show us the way to freedom for self.  So, we must learn to be that very being unto ourselves.

You would think that would be easy wouldn’t you?

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