How do you stand up for yourself?

stand up for yourselfI have had a lot of conversations about when you are learning to be in the Universal truth, and how do you stand up for yourself and not fall victim to your emotions and learned behaviors? These are outstanding questions and ones that each and everyone of us that lives on this planet really must learn and understand. It also brings up the question of compromise. How here it means one gets less than the other.

So first let’s talk about standing up for your rights as a god being. I am working with a wonderful young woman who got married right out of high school. She has been looking at the truth of why she made the choice to get married and have her babies right away. She found a young man who, in his way, was just as scared as she was about what their lives were going to look like when they had to go on their own.

Today she admits that she did not make the choice out of love or strength for herself but out of fear of what life was going to look like. She is beginning a new relationship and she keeps using the words, “I have messed up” with him and I have asked for him to forgive me.

I bring up to her again and again, “Please don’t ask for forgiveness from another god being.” You need to learn to forgive yourself. You do not trust your heart because you are only looking at half the truth when you look at your marriage. You are not remembering to put on the scale you made the choice to marry someone that was not your match in strength, you made your match in your combined weakness.

So as she grew with her life experiences, her spouse grew in other areas which lead to disappointment in her. I remind her frequently to learn to forgive herself for making a choice that was not for her but for someone else. Today, as she is experiencing the new relationship, she is trying to learn how to stand strong as the young woman she is today and not that teen she was when she met and married her ex husband.

When things fall apart due to scheduling, she stands in her fear as if she made another mistake. It takes much discipline in yourself when you begin to see the truth of your choices. As well as it takes much discipline when learning to stand in the truth of self and only allow those people you play with in your life expression to play in a way that honors your self expression.

To stand in your truth does not mean you have to be combative to express that you need to have respect in all your interactions with fellow god beings. It means to learn how to communicate without the emotion behind your hidden learned behaviors and fears. It means to first take the time to look at the scenario that is making you upset. Look at all the possible ways others may have looked at it. Then make your decision whether or not you can really play with these beings or if because of your own issues you are wanting to be upset about what is going on.

Remember though, you pick people and you are putting a greater value on them than you are on you by saying, “But I have to have this person in my life.”, when you should be saying, “Am I the greatest person I can be with this person in my life?”





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