How do you recognize your feelings?

One of the most asked questions I hear is how do you recognize your feelings? When this  question was first asked of me, I was taken back, I had to ask myself, What do you mean your feelings? I spent many long days in contemplation about this question.

I knew then as well as today that most people spend much of their day, even while doing other things, having their worries pass through their minds on a continuous loop. This constant worry never lets them actually get to feelings. Feelings are those energies that can not be seen, they are around us in those quiet moments when we can feel a quiet satisfaction about who and what we are. These warm and nurturing feelings are generally attributed to someone in our lives. I would like to make this perfectly clear-

The reason you have someone wonderful in your life is because you already had the warm, nurturing feelings… that is what drew the person in.

Too often though, we give the credit to that someone and never find what it was about ourselves that was making us happy. So then we put expectations on the other person and hold them accountable for taking actions to continue our happy feeling.

That can not be sustained.

It was not about that other person, it was, and has always has been, about your own inner happy. Go in and find that inner peace, let it shine out from your core and you will once again see how you draw people into your life that will be also happy.

You will know, if you have read my blogs, my books or have listened to my talk radio show, that to use your physical eyes really does not give you a true sense of any physical experience. Why is that? Well, it has to do with the mathematical equation that you chose to build your life structure on before you were born. Plus, the vibrations you are sitting in while you are here.

That is why you can be in a group of people, you will all be having the same experience and yet as people will describe what happened, you will get as many different stories as people in the room. They are hearing and seeing in their vibration. So, you will desire to foster, love and grow the ability to use your feelings to discern all the scenarios that you are experiencing . That way the symbols, the colors, the words someone else is using… they will all come only at you from the energy and vibration that was used and not through all of our filter systems that we have put up as protection from the onslaught of emotions and actions that can go on in this most beloved world, yet are not meant or intended for us to experience.

Delrae J Bantz

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