How do you do inner work on your inner child?

myinnerchildThe question I would like to begin to answer is ,“How do you do inner work on your inner child?”. First, to face the fact that we have a wounded child, and then how do we begin to understand when that inner child comes through and sabotages what the adult you is trying to do.

We need to look at when and how this inner child appears and how it can seem that you are being totally rational and yet you have no idea why you have just responded the way you did. The one thing you have to look for is that you can rationally explain because of a story you have from some life experience you had when you were a small child.

One of the ways that you create a small inner child is through the process of compartmentalization. You do the compartmentalization because you crossed one of your boundaries and in so doing you have given away a part of your matter. What is matter, you ask? That is the part of you that is the reason you have any kind of feel. That deep love you have only for yourself. Each time you are doing something for someone else and you do not feel good about doing so, you are giving away the very core of who you are.

That core is matter. It has an atomic weight; it is the essence of what would be your physical soul. That is the reason that so many people compartmentalize. It does not feel good to cross your own boundaries and the more often you do so the less connection you have with your feelings.

How often are you asked, “How do you feel?” and the first thing you say out loud is “I do not know.” That is the first clue that for a very long time you have done things just to keep peace in your world, or to try making others happy, thinking that by them being happy and peaceful they will then allow you to be happy as well.

So how is that working for you? Not too well? I didn’t think so.

If it is I shall say with great empathy and love… You are lying  to yourself and it is the fear of changing and standing up for yourself that is allowing you to think that your life is okay the  way it is. Hence the reason you put so many things in those pretty compartments.

The problem with doing so is when another experience of likeness happens you can not find the information quickly as to the whats, whys, who’s, and whens… so you repeat and repeat and repeat the same actions over and over again without gaining any understanding. It does not give you the ability to evaluate each and every choice on the merits of your true internal feelings.

Hence you repeat giving up parts of your soul, and until you go back and begin to only make life choices that support your matter, you will fail to progress further.

So where is the small child in all this? Well, take a look at the reason your have your hurts as a young child, look at them from the perspective of spirit balanced properly with your physical …. for women it is 80% spirit and 20% physical, for men it is the reverse, 80% physical and 20% spirit. In my next post we’ll explore this further!





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