How do we walk away from our History?

First of all we really have to look at ourselves. We must decide what history is to ourselves.

History can mean a lot of things for a lot of people. Do we not fight wars over peoples history? What would happen if one day we woke up and decided that enough anger, mistrust, angst, hatred, sorrow, had been used? What would happen to us as an individual or even as a group of people if we said, ‘enough is enough’?

What would that mean for you, if you gave up all the mean, sad, they did me wrong stories? What and how would you feel if you wrote a new history and it began today? If you were the only one in charge of who you were, how you were going to feel, what you were going to do and be in charge of how you acted in any given incident in your life?

Would you do so? Would you be ever vigilant in your feelings?

That is truly all it will take for you to make the change in your history. You only have to be willing to stop looking at what you have claimed makes you who you are.

I hear a lot of people say, “things happen for a reason”. Do they know what the reason is for? It did not happen for some random ‘aren’t I lucky I was there?’ reason.

Take charge of your experiences. Be focused and aware. We are always being guided in each and every moment. We are choosing each and every experience we are having, they do not just happen.

You, and everyone, will of course have to be willing to take charge of his or her feelings but you do not need any other person in your life to make this life change. You can have wonderful results even if you feel you are the only one. You will find very quickly that your history is of your making. You can then begin to really direct what you desire to feel at any given time.

Yes… you choose. Ask yourself, “why am I choosing to feel sad, or mad, or broken”, any emotions that you can think of can be changed the minute you decide that you desire something different.

Remember what you are feeling today is the experience you will be having tomorrow…

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