How do we read our life experiences?

I have been noticing  my students not seeing how to tie their life experience with what they are trying to learn about themselves. They are using just one experience instead of seeing that the last couple of weeks ties in all of their questions. Why do I say their experiences have anything to do with their life lessons? We come to this plane to learn how to create using our feelings. We as a whole have lost sight of that. We have begun to take our every day life and make it matter in a way that weighs us all down. We wake up with worries and fears. We have made feeling them our top priority.

So, what do you feel when you wake in the morning? You feel, or think you feel what you are making into matter. Which means because you have spent so much time on your thoughts you have inevitably created it to be your experience today.

We can make almost anything feel very heavy, very important, so much so that even when we are asking for help we can not hear the answer.

Many times as I am working with someone new the first thing they say to me is, “I can not do that?!” Why, is my question, I do not ask it though.

It is your right to say no. It is your right to feel and live all the pains and sorrows you desire to live and have. My only job is to continue in giving you the knowledge that I have, it is for you to hear it and then put it into practice.

Practice of course is the physical experience that you are having. That you choose how to respond and act is your God right. It is called free will. Did you know it is free will that is allowing you not to feel the God essence with in you? That is exactly what free will is…

Test this. The very moment that you decide to let go of earth connotations and ideas and stand in the fact that you have all knowledge at your figure tips see what happens.. Look at your life and look at it through the eyes of god. Would you feel the same, would you use the same words, have the same feelings…. let me hear what you think … Have a wonderful day my friends.

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