How do we look at Soul depth of History?

I look at history as color bands around our aura; it allows us to recognize from one being to the next the types of study we have done throughout the ages. Those of us who have the same type bands tend to find each other on this earth plane. Our akashic records are stored within the color band.

We ourselves can check our color bands with practice. These records show us from the first time that we began our soul journey on this earth. So, we can see who and what we have been and done. Once we decide if we want to believe that we can and have been here before, we can then look anew at what we want to hold as truth here and now.

Such as blowing this life time. I hear a lot of the time the phrase ‘lets live now it is the only time we have.’ Well, I agree we should live life to the fullest. I also believe that we can not blow it. Because there is no wrong. I do believe that we can end up with the choices we make resulting in having to redo a lifetime. We can change this simply by standing in the truth of

“I am accountable and responsible for every thought, word, and deed.”

So, my history of the soul does not let me continue to blame circumstances of any kind for making me be who and what I am. It is my faith that makes me who and what I am. My faith that the energy I send out is going to be the experience I have tomorrow. My faith that all the energies that make up any and all of my thoughts combine and create a vibration that allows me to feel to the fullest. I am not controlled or hindered by another person, place or thing on this planet.

My history has to do with all and every choice that I have made, not any outside circumstance. It is and always has been the walk of the individual themselves that has determined what their life experience will and would be. Challenge yourself . Think about what these words make you feel like. Question the truth that has been. What is your truth today……..

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