How do we get in touch with our inner knowings?

What have we practiced for ourselves?

Each one of us has a special way that we talk to the internal being of ourselves. Some of us have labeled this as talking to God, some call it meditating, some contemplation.

We should all learn that there is a reason to do these things. It is how we begin the relationship with self. It will lead us back to the truth of how to make choices that are safe for ourselves.

We do not listen in the quick moment when our feelings are known to us. We  set that aside so quickly and easily.

For what reason? So we can be nice to someone else?

Through practice, practice, practice I have come to understand for myself that if I follow my heart, my internal feelings, right from day one then I do not get hurt, and neither do the people that I am interacting with.

Can you imagine what it is to have a quiet moment within your thoughts? It is very opening.

It is the way that if you are brought an opportunity in what seems like the spur of the moment you will always choose correctly for self. You will not have those voices that are self debasing. You will recognize very quickly — this is good for me or this is not my moment for this .

You stop having regrets and doubts leaving you wondering “should I have done this differently.” You find that it just does not matter what choice you make. You can always make another.

So, take your time… breath slowly… listen to the music that brings you to a peaceful quiet place. Do not think of things you could be doing instead. Learn to give yourself this time just for the greatness of self. Once you have this relationship with self you will not have to take time out of your day to get in touch with you.

You will find that you have always been just a thought away from you. You have always been your best friend.

We have made our internal self our worst enemy. Simply by ignoring the internal warnings that we receive.

Have fun learning about self. It is an adventure that you will not want to miss.

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