How do we get along with ourselves?

I am asking myself this question because so much of the time we spend looking outside of ourselves claiming that we get along with others. Yet at the same time we are telling our friends, “If this person would just be like this or if he would just change this way, life would be so much easier. Life would be so grand if she was the understanding type.”

That takes us so far away from the truth of why we are  feeling the way we are.

If we could just see that the way we get along with someone close in our lives is the very way we should be looking at what to change within ourselves.

This would seem to be such an easy task to just look at what we desire in our closest friends and relatives. To see without judgment of self. Just to see what bugs the heck out of us when it comes from someone else and to know and understand it is simply guiding us to change that in ourselves.

Have you ever been talking with someone about what really bugs you about your friend or family member and you hear that you have been doing the very same thing (and very likely to the very person you are talking with)?!

Well, if you have you can begin to see what I am talking about. How the very thing that bugs us is really only a way that our guardians, or as I call them ‘Elders’, have been trying to get us to see what needs to change within us.

For with the changes come the things we most desire to have and experience in our lives. Whether you have come to understand it yet or not, the truth is – it is ourselves and how we think that keeps our dreams and desires at bay.

Just at a fingers touch away…when we become aware of the truth that the only thing we really have to do is begin to understand our thoughts so we can get them out of our way, then we can begin to harness the true power that we have here to change our very own lives.

Do not believe me? Then challenge me . I will be most happy to have a conversation with you …

have a glorious day and into the night…

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