How do we find the place we want to be?

So, in my last blog I was talking to you about connecting with what you desire to be on a regular basis. I was asking…

…without you what is there really? Have you taken the time to really think about this idea?

In the beginning it is foreign for you to always put yourself first. We are told from almost day one to always think of the other guy first. Yet, was it also taught to you how to make your wishes, your dreams, your ideas, become a part of your experience as well? If it was, then you would not have the feelings of disconnect from self.

You would be already in connection with the very minute aspect of this concept I am talking about. As you walk into this new idea it is very uncomfortable to simply make a choice just for yourself. Take the time to walk in your very own shoes so to speak. Start asking yourself questions like you would when you are introduced to a new person.

If you can begin a brand new relationship with yourself as though you were just meeting yourself for the first time, you can start on the path of making choices that are going to change your life.

How does this really work?

Once you start taking charge of only the needs that you have, you will see that those around you will not really notice that they are not getting your attention. Because when they are with you, you will be happy and relaxed so they will only feel all of your attention.

You are really in charge of all your needs. You can take those deep breaths. That is when opportunities show up for your life changes in your job of career. For instance, if you are just re-inventing your career it begins to flow so easily now. Why? Because when we are feeling great, great things happen. In all aspects of our lives. No I am not kidding!

Everything changes. It is not a secret, it is a Universal Law – What you send from your heart the Universe matches and sends back to you.

We just do not realize that our heart does not lie. So if you have internal thoughts that are unhappy you simply, but truthfully, will only have unhappy come back to you.

If your physical experience is sad, or just misses the mark for you, then you must realize that in your inner heart you are sad. In that sadness, you have a feeling of never quite getting what you think you should. Can you relate?

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