How do we begin to use our choices in the moment they are needed.

When I talk about choices, I am talking about learning to take charge of your life. To learn that when you make a choice in a conscious way in the moment that you are standing in, your results will be better. You have all the tools and information right at your fingertips to know that it is the right thing for you .

It is really just setting yourself up if you try and predetermine how you are going to respond to any situation that you might encounter. First, you are not sitting in the energy of a true experience. Second you are not allowing for interactions with others in their changes of internal ideas. Also, there is a leap frogging energy that happens when people come together and share real feelings and emotions that can not happen if you are sitting in an idea or belief of people or a scenario .

So often we believe we know how something is going to turn out. In other words, we sit in an idea o,f “I know how this or that is going to be.” You sit in the energy so strongly that if something does change you do not allow it to flow freely. So you end up responding outside of what is really going on. Then… by not taking the time to look with an open heart at why you responded the way you did, you just repeat the old pattern again and again.

Once you begin to feel, you can begin to put the Law of Grace into your daily actions. I mean you can start simply allowing yourself to have an experience on the emotions and feelings that you have and then as you are learning to evaluate your choices in the truth, you will simply understand you only need choose something that makes your heart sing.

That is the only truth, and that is what gives you the power to be in charge of your own life at any moment at any time in your life experience.

Now, I know you are going to say to me, you do not get to have your desires because there is always someone else you have to think about. So you cannot have what you truly desire.

I am here to say that you have several concepts mixed and jumbled up. So, contact my office and please lets set up some time so that you can really get a handle on taking back your life.

talk to me, leave a comment or set up real life time with me… have a great day and into the evening tide.




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