How deep does History go in our souls?

When we look at the word ‘history’, what comes to mind? Do we look at history in just our lifetime? Do we look at history as a soul journey that goes on in an infinite concept with its inception with the first thought appeared to create matter? Because, depending on our concept about history, it will make a difference in how we asked this question of ourselves.

As I was looking at this question I was pondering how this would affect me personally. Then I contemplated on how it would affect the population as a whole.  Affecting me personally means to me how I look at the stories I tell about me. How I saw my interactions with my siblings and parents growing up. I would have to learn to have my identity be just about me. Not telling stories that supposedly molded me into the person I am today.

Then that brought me to thinking, “then how would I describe who I am, and how did I become this person?” That led me to asking, ” is it my soul history that led me to become what I am today? Is the journey that one’s soul takes the history that makes us the person we are today?” If this is the case, then why would we tell stories about molding if they have nothing to do with what we are?

That led me to wondering, “can we, as people, get off the track of what our soul history intended?”

I could then see how we sometimes will meet someone who we just feel should be in our lives yet, something just does not match in how they are making choices. How hard it is for us without the insight that helps us realize that just maybe that person has strode away from the growth the soul intended this particular soul journey.

I know I have personally had to look at this thought, in letting go of some very deep and personal relationships. Their walk just did not match mine. I learned I was hurting them by trying to hold on to something they just missed this time. This is such a wonderful concept.

Where does Free Will play it’s part in our lives? Many concepts and thoughts can come from this one question. Share your ideas with me…

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