How Compartmentalizing Your Life Hurts You

compartmentalizationI would like to begin with talking about compartmentalization… how we do it and why we should not do it. It is probably the biggest thing that gets in our way of true understanding of the Universal Truths.

Why do I say this? Well, because we have stories that we tell, what they are,are our life. In having the initial experience we should be looking at the experience under the microscope because it shows us exactly the vibration we were sitting in. It shows each of you exactly the time and space you put into the creation of having the physical experience.

You must begin to look at and take accountability for the fact that nothing happens to you, but, is a direct correlation to the vibrations that you and each person you interact with brings about the physical experience. So, when you are re-telling what has happened, it is critical to keep it to the true experience. This is almost impossible when you have compartmentalized any or all of your painful life experiences. It does not allow for the truth to be on your scale when you are in your evaluation process about what it is that you need to do to change the vibratory rate for you next creation / physical experience.

Whenever you have an experience that seems to loop into a pattern, and you are not feeling joy, the very simple truth is do not put up with it. Make the changes quickly and stand in the truth if you want change in your life,

It is when you have not made choices to simply stand in joy that it is going to seem like when you make change, by not participating with people who are not standing in the vibration you wish to play in, that you will look like you’re coldhearted and arrogant. Yet, if you would never have told yourself it was okay to accept an emotion that made you feel sad or upset that very first time, you simply would have found someone to play with that would have matched the vibration you were standing in.

Yet again, because of life experiences we say we have to accept, we convince ourselves that there is no one else that we can see that is playing with us. Or we tell ourselves that most of the time it is okay, and that is good enough. This is when you have to be very hard with yourself. Why is it ever okay to not be happy? Because some religion or people who are not happy themselves tell you that; and that is the simple truth of the way this world is. I say that is the lie of this 3 dimensional earth plane. I say anything anyone wants to experience is possible here. I say anything you want to be is possible here.

It is simply because when you had your very first experience in emotional pain, you did not see where your guardian was to walk you through the truth of what was happening. It is because that person was speaking to you in a way that made your story not support your idea of being sad. So you told yourself that they were just not understanding. Or they were making light of the pain that you were feeling. That was not the case, they were there because your internal god essence brought them to you to show you how to look at the story from the point of reference that you were totally in charge of the vibrational match that brought the life experience to you .

They would have showed you just how it came about as well as how to make the vibrational shifts to get different results. When we feel alone it is because we have put so many of our emotions down deep into a place where we do not have to feel them, but this disallows for us to break down and then examine the vibrations and then add the internal feelings to have the kind of people come into our lives that will support our need of happiness and love.

I know it sounds like this is easy. Yet as you break down all your pain and emotion it will be a place where you must revisit those pieces in you that you were afraid to look at. The rewards will be great if you’re willing to take this journey.





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