How can I take care of me?… most frequently asked question

When I look at the questions most frequently asked of me I see that the concern of most of you is in the way you make your living. As adults we have such stress put on ourselves because of that all consuming concept.

I hear it time and time again… “I do not have time for myself, I spend so much time at work just to make ends meet. I have to let something go and generally it is me and my needs.”

As you read these words, have you heard yourself say them as well?

Of course with each of you I do answer in slightly different ways. However, the consistent answer I give is this,“If you could have any wish granted what would it be?” I know that may sound funny to you. I know also that you probably have not asked yourself that question since you were nine years old.

So I say to you , “Why?” I mean, why, on a regular basis, do you not get yourself in touch with you?!?

This question does really shock so many of you. I think that as a whole you ¬†get lost in your every day experiences and forget that without you being “selfish” (meaning self is¬†necessary) there really is nothing left.

Let’s get honest, okay? If you are not happy with the life choices you are making, then you are not happy with anything around you. So, the relationships you are having with anyone else? Less than it could be. If you do not want that to be part of your experience then as I say to everyone… You have to have the courage to simply fill your own needs!

The next question that is asked is “What about the people in my life?”

I answer this question this way – Very simply, without you, what is there that is really so important in your life?

This is a question that each and everyone of you really need to take the time to think about as you begin to change to make yourself happy.

You each have a lot of forced training to undo. This is not an easy task when you have that voice that counters each and every thing you desire to do for you. Then you have the loud voices that are your friends and family saying the same thing… ‘what about me? You are so selfish, you only think about yourself.’

Have you heard these sentiments as well?

talk to me, call me, write me. Let’s talk about this subject or anything you need to find out about… have a great day into the evening tide.


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