How can I have ‘leaking’ energy?

leakingenergy-800x552Let’s talk about that thing called ‘leaking energy’. I have spoken about how our words and catch phrases can be the very things that have you stall out your creative process. So let’s look at what else can have you lose your balance of your internal honor. Let’s consider the thoughts you are having in trying to be nice and help out others, not make it tough on them.

Now really take a look at that. Why do you always go outside of yourself when you know you have to make a change because your heart simply can not continue with the people, with the life choices those people seem to have you make for them over you .

Take some time thinking and feeling this. This is where good intentions on anyone’s part really does harm. It harms in a way that is deep and long lasting. Can you see this and feel this?

What reasons are you giving yourself when you know that it is not good for you to continue on the path you are on? I know you can give yourself hundreds of reasons once you have made the choice for the change to let the other person down ‘easily’.

Well, have you given yourself hundreds of reasons on why letting them down easily is going to come back at you and never will your reason for letting them down easily be felt by them? Take the time to look at the deep and disturbing truth about your interactions with those people around you. It is not working! How can I say this? it’s easy… you are begging to find out how to change your life.

Yet you are forgetting to put that in the equation when you are making the changes on a slower time frame than what you should be doing. Which in turn means you are ‘leaking’ your energy it takes great strength on your part to maintain energy on two levels. You will find that you tire easily and you will get sick easily, you will just feel off during your day.

Now yes, you can tell yourself it is cold season or flu season but that is not taking the accountability of self. A healthy mind equates to a healthy body and you simply will not get sick. Look at the sickness that you generally create for yourself… what is your body really trying to tell you?

Like a cold, that stuffy and runny nose, headache, etc… that is truly your body trying to grieve and let go of old issues and ideals that you took on when they did not have you walk in the truth of what your soul had set up for you. It will take much love for self to look at the choices you made and how long you stayed with the choices that were making you unhappy.

Yes, you can get stuck for a long time twisting on yourself that the choice to share your life with those people that are making you unhappy was a choice you could have made differently if you would have simply listened to your quiet loving voice from within.

You made your mistake in saying, “Well most the time my life is okay.” Really? I mean is it really okay? You must begin to stand up for, “I deserve to be 100% happy!” Yes my sweet friends, you can and will be 100% happy if you start standing up and only choosing to make yourself, and only yourself, happy.





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