How and Why You Cheat on Yourself

Once again I would like to address cheating. I think this is a very important subject. I feel as we as a whole learn to understand how we can see a truth that is lying beneath the social consciousness we can take charge of our lives in a way that has not happened to us before.

There still would be ending of relationships as before but, we could move from one into another without such horrible pain and hatred that seems to go into such things. How is this do you ask? Well…

I am going to go back to where we need to speak to ourselves about our true feelings. When we are looking at finding a relationship do we not usually go and look outside of ourselves? Well, I know I did.

I used to fantasize about what he was going to look like, what would his name be, what would my new name be. Well, that is exactly what I mean about looking outside of ourselves. When we are not happy it is not about changing the outside as much as it is to look at what we need to find out about ourselves.

Once we do that we begin to feel happier and stronger. It is that vibration that emotes from us. Then those people who come into contact with us are drawn to us in the same likenesses. So, they are also strong and independent. Think about this… if you are sad and depressed do you really want someone to match that energy, that vibration?

I know I would not. Look back at previous relationships. When did the person appear in your life? Were you about to embark on something new? Did you feel you could begin to do something new? It does not matter when you met this person. It matters that you go and discover how you changed once that person came into your life. It is here you want to reconnect with – to begin as that person with the drive you felt then.

This is how and why we cheat on ourselves. We give up something of ourselves to have this other person in our lives. After awhile no matter what we try to do we begin to feel unhappy. That is what truly leads to lying  and deceit.  If we are not careful it leads to us going outside even farther to find out we are not happy.

Disagree? Challenge me, I would love to discuss this with you ..

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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