Honoring Your Wounds

We have all kinds of reason’s to have wounds within our soul. We should honor them, but not in the way you might think.

We should honor them because today we can use them as bookmarks in the lesson learned about standing in choices and decisions that we made in the past for someone else and not self. We get to… and we should feel very bad about letting ourselves down .

The one thing you must never forget is to allow ” the Law of Grace”. It comes into effect whenever you are looking at the choices you made, the humiliations that you felt, and how sad it makes you feel when you look through your physical eyes at how you were then treated by those others that you made the choices for.

You must also remember the Universal “Law of Love” so as you are looking at these past life experiences you can feel the hurt and pain just to you remind yourself to only choose for yourself, yet balance this out with the love from the Divine Universal God essence so you become aware that it was simply a lesson that you chose to experience. By choosing that particular lesson you arrived here today.

It brought you here in this time and this moment to be reawakened to the Universal truth about each and every one of us. That we are a divine God-being. That we choose to come here. We had a plan when we were going to come here on this wonderful planet, this very unique plane of Freewill. Not every experience or plane of existence that we go to has this very unique quality about it. We get to choose not to believe we are a divine God. That we know this when we are planning our sojourn here on this planet called Earth.

It is very amusing to us as we begin to set up contracts or lessons that bring us back to the truth that we are and have always been a Divine God Being. Then as we are born we get caught in the heavy dross mass of this planet, of the generations upon generations of stories that you and others have told. We do need stories, it is part of the glue that keeps us here within the gravitational force of the planet herself, yet we have gotten so far from the truth that we take the strife that is here to be a reality. I am here to help any and all who desire to begin to walk in the truth of the Whys and the When’s the What would I do this for….

Be happy and stand in the truth from this point. Your change will be phenominal.

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