Honoring Boundaries

We need balance and boundaries.

To have the truth here in this physical world we need to have falseness also. I say, if it speaks to your heart then the truth is there for you. If it gives you anxiety then you must look deep in your heart and find out why.

Each one of us, depending on the level of understanding that we have, hold a number of beliefs that were imposed upon us. These include a number of  ‘Shalt Nots’. We may not recognize them as things that someone else taught us.

That’s because we learned these things when we were a child. It was at a time that our heart told us something was not a good thing for us, but because the person telling us something different was bigger, or our parent, or anyone we cared about, or someone who bullied us, we put more store on what their opinions were.

We walked over our feelings.

We did not, at that time or shortly after the fact, take the time to realize we were about to walk over our feelings.

That is what a boundaries is. Our internal make up. Why we have come here. What we are working on for our level of growth in the soul area.

Your feelings are the body signaling to you that you are about to walk away from the particular lessons that you set up before your birth.

It is right then and there, if you could have just said, “I can not do this. It does not make me feel safe. I am going to hurt my own feelings. That is something I can not do”,  it would have changed your world.

For when you stand in a heartfelt truth, that truth will never be challenged.

The other person or persons will recognize the truth. It will dissolve whatever energy was there that tries to force you to go against your own heart.

No anger is needed, just your heartfelt truth.

No loud voices.

The plain quiet truth and you are standing there for all to see how much the Universal heartfelt truth means to you.


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