Holding the NEW while releasing the old

When you are learning something new about yourself, do you take the time to study the old and the new of you? This is a time and space where you will become most creative. As that excitement of learning something wonderful about yourself is swirling around you in the most glorious way.

Use this time to be truly creative. Expand this feeling of empowerment and just see what starts happening around you. Things will begin to pop. Watch to see if you get scared. Do you stand in the flow and expand more which creates more wonderful things for you? Or do you stop yourself while you mull things over?

Are new people coming into your world? Of course, but do not lose touch with the feel good. You must keep your eyes and feelings open. As new people come in keep in mind that you are still in the process of letting go of that old person, that ‘old’ you. You are learning to take on this new being… you are just starting to become.

It will draw to you an expanded experience yet you are still the person in charge of your fate. So know that everyone that is drawn to your energy can either be vibrating an energy of the new you, or like you, they could be trying to make a change so they may be just feeling your energy and because it makes them feel good they may be tempted to stop their travels of change and cling on to you.

Why do I talk about this? I work with so many people that at this stage of their moving forward think they have met the perfect someone and then very quickly find themselves in relationships that are so not them.

When we begin to expand we must be very loving to self, to keep the energy of expansion but, it also makes us open because you must open yourself up to send forth your newly expanded energy. So I urge you to just also be discerning in all your creations. To hold your power you must learn that if the creation does not feel right it is not right. Do not get caught attaching yourself to another person, place or thing.

Your power flows from within you. If you are told anything else it is false. You must learn to rely on the internal knowledge that is flowing though you at all times. Get used to listening to that internal voice… it is the one that speaks up in an instant of something physical happening to you. Listen for it and follow it as quickly as you can!

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