Holding a new energy

There are many levels of understanding, it is like a spiral staircase. As each of us in our individual walk moves forward we have new energies that we must get familiar with. It has to be a conscious effort on our parts to keep in the forefront of our thoughts this new energy. So we can get used to having it be a part of our new existence.

It is this diligence of conscious thought that gives us the understanding of why we are choosing to make the changes in our lives. We have the joy of having other wonderful people in our lives that we can see, due to their conversations with us, have given us the spring-board effect.

It is that gift of the effect that we must stand in to own and hold within our being. To express appreciation to that person or persons who have participated. Yet always have the understanding to do like wise to self. Thank you for being conscious to the walk that you are taking.

To stand in the knowing that you made the choice to hear the words that have been coming at you. That you made the choice to incorporate these ideas and concepts into your conscious life. So that you begin to stand in the internal power of self choice. It is amazing how fast one can move forward into understandings when one stands in the truth of choice.

I have noticed in my own life, that the chaos of the everyday life has lifted from me. It takes me back, when I look at what is happening and things are happening around me. Yet, I do not feel the heaviness of the experience. I see things happening to those around me. I can very easily see that it is a great emotional weight for them. I do not feel it like that any more. I feel a joy that is ever-present in my life experience.

So, I can say, that it is possible to have and share joy, each and every day. The more you fill your being, your soul with the consciousness of why you are changing and that it is solely your choice, you too will have the ability to have joy in each and every action you take.

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