Hold strong to beliefs and opinions?

Couple-with-Arms-RaisedAsk yourself a question, any question to get your thoughts flowing. As you are listening to your thoughts you will begin to hear the way your feelings and thoughts are getting in the way of most of your creations.

This is the very place that really is the killer of any and all changes in your life. It takes practice and discipline to learn to hear how you talk to yourself on that internal level. It is here that you will begin to see that you may be doing what is called “fake it till you make it!”. This does not work. All it does is make you very frustrated, Why, you ask?

Because it only takes the size of a mustard seed of doubt to stop you dead in your tracks. If you do not look at and change those beliefs and opinions about the things you want to express in your life they will never become a part of you life. This can really make or break your spirit. Who wants to have positive expressions leave their lips day after day and yet never have the feeling like life is really as wonderful as you are continually expressing to yourself and all those around you.

So then when you begin to unravel you find that everyone is so surprised that you have any gripes because you are always so positive. It is not about and never has been about being positive… it is about looking closely at the reasons behind your thoughts and ideals. That is where you will find how your thoughts and opinions about the things you are living are affecting you and the world around you and how your life is being expressed and felt by you. The wonderful thing about this is you and only you are in charge of changing that internal  thought process and so you and only you can change your world.

One of the biggest mistakes that each of you can make is to believe if the other person changes that you will be happier. NOT TRUE AT ALL!  Did you just read that? Come on you must begin to pull yourself up here. No one else makes you happy and if you keep failing at anything it is because of the energy and follow through with your thoughts that are getting in the way. So now you must decide if you want to take the time and really learn to discipline yourself into watching continually when your thoughts are betraying  you and only you. Take the time to contemplate on your thoughts – do you really still feel the way your thoughts are? It is not until you really look at them before you can change the words that you use and the thoughts that escape from you. Challenge those thoughts.

Then you will truly begin to see the change that can be the everyday experience that you have always wanted. So what is it that you really want? Do you want to hold strong to beliefs and opinions that do not serve who you are any longer?





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