Hiding our secrets, does it create mind chatter?

I do a lot of work with my students and clients with this concept of mind chatter, and with so many it is quite difficult to begin to realize how disruptive mind chatter is to our functioning in our world.

We spoke about there being many threads connecting  to one another to make this mind chatter so loud that we can not hear the internal voice of God. This is disastrous for any of us that want to have internal peace; to live our lives to the fullest. Yes, this is very possible.

The course is true and straight… we can each and every one of us live a life of success. I use the word success in a way that has to be personal to each of you. For that means something different to all of us. Yet, we each deserve to have our success, whatever measure that is for any of us.

We were discussing in my class that one of the threads to mind chatter is what I am terming ‘undercurrent’, this is a thought that we have about ourselves, one that we do not want to look at. It does not matter why we, you, I, do not want to look at it . We just have decided that this piece is detrimental to our well-being so we try to push it away from ourselves.

We feel by not looking at it , it does not affect our lives, our thoughts, our successes. Well, I am here to ask you , are you sure by not dealing with this idea or thought that it is well hidden and does not affect your daily life? I have found it is this very action that begins the undercurrent that begins to, piece by piece, take away our courage, or pride, our success with ourselves.

For somewhere within your original thought you really could not let go of it. You have spent every choice to hide it from the light and knowledge of others. Which has actually brought the light of this concept to the surface, to everyone but you. Yes, you of course have tried hiding the very thing you should just simply look at and make a choice to change it.

Agree? Well if not, I challenge you to challenge me.. go ahead.. challenge me

Have a wonderful day and into the evening tide.

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