Have fun finding out who the real you is

fun feetSo you are living your life… it is going wonderfully… yet you keep having these emotions that would in the past have you reacting with upsetness. Yet you can recognize it is not the person or persons you are with that is creating the scenario that should have you reacting internally as you are. What is going on?

Have you taken the time to journal? To question yourself about yourself? I ask this because this is how you begin to unravel things about yourself, like learned behaviours or that your small inner child is running rampant and reacting in a way that is no longer a part of your first response to anything.

This is a very unique and wonderful thing that is happening really. I say this because you are not acting out without having a real reason. You are looking around at the situation and questioning whether you should be upset or not. This is a really good sign. It is not that you are losing feelings about your life and the people around you, No, you are not responding as the small child would or because you have learned to respond to certain vibrations in a certain way. You are taking charge now because you have a true understanding about you and you know that you are not your actions.

Look at what is going on around you, the people that you are interacting with. How are they acting? Is is because their responses are triggering either your small child or learned behaviours come to the surface? This is really good because it is allowing you to see the hows and whys you may have chosen to pick up the behaviour when you were younger. Watch the scenario play out, what is the outcome?

Is the behaviour working out for the person or people that are playing the scene out for you? Are they feeding off of the vibration that is being created with the behaviors? Look closely at when you are being triggered and ask yourself what is the exact moment that you feel those learned behaviors wanting to pop up in you. It is then that you can begin to see very clearly how an outside vibration has in the past changed your internal feelings of happiness and joy.

This is a wonderful gift you are giving yourself to see how to recognize when you’re moving off the path of joy and then you can begin to eliminate not only the response to this old behaviour but you can take charge of that small child within you and begin to have the evolution of that small child into an vibrant and successful adult.

So really take notice and the time to truly understand why you first chose to pick the learned behaviour as well as how the little child within did not emotionally grow as your wonderful body did.

Have fun finding out who the real you is.





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