Have Compassion for Self

We must decide when we shall have compassion for self.

Compassion is having empathy and understanding for the sufferings of others. I would prefer that we begin to have compassion for ourselves first. We must look at the choices and action steps that we have taken that have brought us to our current state of unhappiness.

We must use that compassion for us first, take the time… and not in the ‘oh woe is me’ energy… but with true love for self that you had the right to make those choices that gave you the experiences that you have had. This is the very place everyone desires to stop soul searching. Yet it is here, when we decide to accept the accountability and responsibility for every and all things that we have experienced, that our lives would change dramatically.

Generally though this is where a person will begin to use the process called deflecting. It is in the deflecting that a person goes off of the direct path of truth.

You spend so much time defending the choices that you made in the past because you simply do not want to sit in the emotions of how those choices made you feel with the physical experience.

Stop with the deflection. I am not here to debate with you that you made this or that choice. You did!!!! You had the experience and you are saying you are unhappy. So the only way you can change the unhappy part is to look with compassion at the choices you made. I am not judging the choices you made, just breaking them down so you can look at why you made that choice and get you to see if you would make it again. If you say yes, you will get the same kind of physical result.

It is only when you see and change how you feel about the choices that you are making and then make new and different choices that you get a different result. You seem to resist this idea… at the same time you are in such deep frustration about how your life is going.

“How did I get here?” you ask. By your choices, sweet one. How can you change your life? By your choices.

Why do you not want to look at your choices? Because you are trying to see the result or the conclusion of what your new choices will bring into your life before you make a new choice. You are imagining yourself a fortune teller with the ability to see the future before it happens, yet until you make the new choice, then check to see how your physical experience is going to come at you, then making the next new choice based on what you’ve just learned, how can you really truly know what the ending shall look like??

That really is what stops you in your tracks. You are saying loudly, I want a Change, but I want the other person to make the choice that makes the change. Can not happen! And it still will not really change how you feel about the choice.

The only way you feel it is when you are the one looking at making a choice, and following through with the contemplation about the choice. Yes, back to that darned choice you made. Stop judging the choice. Look at it, learn to understand it, love that you did and could make this choice, and then with love in your heart make a new and different choice.

Delrae J Bantz

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