Happiness is about being honest

journal2What is contemplation? To me it is the one tool that can work in any time of your life… in it’s chaos, in it’s peace. When I journal I really keep in mind the questions that I want answered, the information I am trying to learn about. It is what has kept me continuing the passion for life. I have such a deep feeling for each and everyone of us, you and I can be free and happy and sit in joy for this life experience.

It is not about always looking for the good in everything, it is about being honest. Sometimes so honest it hurts deeply that you made the choice at all, even though you tell yourself you did the best you could at the time.

I am saying, brutal honesty is telling yourself that you took the easiest path, not the best path.

It is when you are truly contemplating, that you come to this understanding.

It is not about being depressed, or spending a lot of time crying about the past, it is about journaling where your strength is today, and asking yourself if you would make the same life choices. Why or why not? Again walking yourself through, with love in your heart, as you begin to understand that your life expression today is due to the easy path you chose in the past.

I have heard for a long time, “Why do you make such a big deal out of little things?” This is why… I am trying to get you to hear that taking your time now to understand your true feelings and emotions, will lead you to make choices that will only support your true feelings and allow you to not blame others for where your life is.

Yes, people are mean and yes they do things you don’t like. Yet, you must then ask yourself honestly… why are you participating with people who are not nice?!? That is a serious question that you should be journaling about each and every day that you are not happy.

When you can begin to see that it has always been in your power to be happy and that it is in those little choices that were easy rather than ‘best’ for you that you set yourself up, then you can begin to make the choices that may seem hard the first time. You begin taking a stand quietly for you. It may seem difficult at first, yet inside it will make you feel like a million dollars. It is all worth the ‘little harder’ you feel it is going to be.

When my students and clients learn to stand strongly and quietly in the truth for themselves, time and time again they have the confirmation that if they just would have stood in the right choice for themselves the very first time, they would have heard and seen that truly there would have been no negative response to their action. It is when you only go half way that people can see the lie, even if they do not want to admit it. And they don’t want to admit it because they would then have to look at where they are lying to themselves as well.

When standing in the truth, there will be no need to defend; Each and everyone of us knows when the truth is being told and so there truly is nothing we could say to change that.

Delrae J Bantz

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