Happiness as our gauge

happiness9-aristotleI know that when you decide it is time to have joy in your everyday world, the possibility of it becoming a reality is really here for you to enjoy. If anyone has the drama for pain and suffering that I have had, please know I’m speaking to you, too. It was that deep pain from being raped, not only my body, but my young mind… by those who I felt should protect me, that could have left me stuck in misery and hopelessness. Yet that is not what happened.

I think you can appreciate that there is a lifetime story of sadness here in the making. Yet there was a deeper part of me that knew that the pain I was experiencing could go away. I’m not talking about just burying it either. I mean I could wake up and know that the lesson was just that. A lesson. I could either bury myself in pain and misery or I could learn to love myself.

I had family telling me it was all me. I was bad. I was bad deep within myself; unclean and that I needed to be saved.

I was a tiny little girl when the mental abuse began to prepare me for the rape of the physical body. Even with all that preparation I broke free… and I learned that this world could be a cruel, cold place. Again, something inside of me kept urging me forward. Find the love of self… find the love of the Universe… find the peace that resides within the chaos of the every day world we live in.

I tried to see the good in everyone. Why, you ask me, after what I went through?

Because I knew there was good in me.

I knew what my heart was made of.

I knew what my thoughts were.

I did not know why I could not say “NO!” out loud right away but that came to me much later. As a matter of fact, it has just been in the recent past that I began to write my personal story to see why I could not say “NO!” that first moment.

I know that what is in our hearts is not necessarily what the feedback that we are getting from the physical world tells us. When you see such a contrast as I did, do not give up on what you know in your heart. It is simply showing you that your choices are not following your truest heart. That is all.

When I began to recognize that every choice I made was what was keeping me off my path or putting me back on my path, it became much easier to start looking at why I was making choices that were not what I desired to experience. When I began to see a pattern of my choices were leading to unwanted physical experiences, I began to see the wisdom in telling myself the whole truth.

That is when I began to see that I was the one that chose to be with someone that did not make me feel good. When I came to that conclusion, I began to give myself permission to not play with those kind of people. Yes, it does cause separation of what I called friends and what was called my family. Yet I decided I had a birthright to be happy and happiness does not come when I choose the wrong people in my life. It does not matter what they were titled. If I felt badly about myself when around them, then I was not going to participate.

Freedom comes through the deep contemplation of self, telling the whole truth to self and accepting the fact that all choices are yours to make. You should be making them only for the gift of Sweet Joy in your life.

How do you know if you are telling the whole truth to yourself? You know by your level of happiness. If you do not feel happy and filled with joy, you are still not telling the whole truth. Yes, it is that simple

I so love you

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