Had a bad break up? Let’s evaluate

I was recently talking on my radio show, Self is Necessary, about relationships and why so many people seem to want their Ex back. During that program I was discussing the energies behind why people come together. There are many things that need to be broken down for easier understanding and so I shall spend some time in the next few blog posts doing just that. Hopefully I can share the information in a way that will be understood and accepted by you.

You should never want to go backwards if you are feeling a loss because this person is no longer in your life. It is from that place of feeling that you must start your evaluation process.

What do I mean by an evaluation process?

I mean, when you are hurting in your heart for any reason, it is time to take a deep breath and start asking yourself questions about what you are feeling. About what is really causing that ‘hurt’ in your heart. You must go there first and foremost. It is right there that the choices that you had, and the reasons that you made the choices you made, can and should be looked at.

If you cannot do so objectively it is your accountability to find a mentor who is objective and will walk with you through the hurt.

It is taking the time to go through and see, really see, just where you grew or the other person grew in a way that could no longer sustain the relationship.

As a God Being, conscious and aware of all choices before you, you must hold yourself accountable for the choices and actions steps that have led you to your current moment. The hurt comes when you take steps without considering what you are doing and saying and how you are acting in your life. The hurt is not the result of someone else’s choices.

You must evaluate the walk you did in that relationship. What have you learned about yourself? I work with so many people who literally do not look at what their thoughts were, how their thoughts led them to the actions steps they took, and that means they don’t see the relationship between their thoughts and the actual event.

That is correct. You are taking action steps off of your thoughts or as I say, stories about your life, not what the actual physical life is expressing. So we should always be in a learning exercise or an evaluation process about where our thoughts and stories are taking us.

I hear and read a lot of those little motto’s that suggest – think happy, be happy. I say that is hogwash. You cannot pretend to be happy when your heart is breaking . Have courage and look at the steps you took to break your heart. That is where the power to bring total and complete happiness to your heart lies …

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